A marketplace for restaurants to buy/sell materials that would otherwise be wasted.



My Role: UI/UX Designer

Time Frame
24 hours

Matcha originated from the TD Tech Jam, a hackathon styled design challenge featured by TD ELEVATE. Matcha was the creation of 3 back-end developers, 2 UI/UX designers and one business student, working together to create a mobile application that can build a sustainable solution.


Food waste is a big problem in today’s world and especially North America. Sustainability & reversing the damage we’ve done to our planet is more pressing than ever, amidst ever increasing political turmoil that’s reversing many of the progressive initiatives and reforms that been taken to move forward in sustainability. Innovation in this space can’t be stopped however: there have been a plethora of apps and services that have come out that try to chip away at what seems incredibly daunting.

How can restaurants, suppliers and grocery stores be incentivized to hold on to their excess or food at the end of the day that’s going to be thrown away, and exchange it with an entity that needs it?

UX Methods

Assessing student behaviours through Qualitative Research

  • Research (Travel times, activities, available resources)
  • Online interviews/online testimonials
  • Online field studies
  • Online moderated usability tests
  • Contextual observation
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Journey Mapping
  • Prototyping feedback & testing

Flashfood is an app that lets grocery stores let go of their excess inventory at a low price to customers. Content curation apps like Detox Me, Think Dirty and Good Guide seek to keep the consumer more informed about the everyday products in their lives and make better decisions. Good on You seeks to connect consumers to sustainable clothing establishments. All this is great. However, we noticed that the fundamental problem, of food wastage is still around. Subscription meal-prep services like GoodFood and HelloFresh create way less food wastage, but due to the expensive nature of the packaging and delivery process, the offset is questionable, nevertheless a step forward.


How does it work?

Matcha matches entities such as restaurants, suppliers, grocery stores and charities to each other to facilitate food exchange. Unlike out competitors, Matcha is an all inclusive app that allows B2B&B2C transactions.
By integrating an Interac API, buyers/sellers are able to receive quick and easy invoices for their purchases/sales whilst also avoiding the arduous task of verifying payment with Interac E-Transfers.

Demo here:
Password: 2019

Challenges We Ran Into

Our team ran into a few difficulties when it came to the developers - although us designers and business members had no difficulty, it puts weight on the whole team when conflicts arise during a project and require team collaboration and effort to resolve conflicts.

What We Learned

  • Interac will be launching a new feature that we can not share
  • Designers must work closely with developers in order for them to code a prototype properly
  • Pitch decks are MUCH more complicated than it would seem
  • Figuring out the userflow and our value proposition was very helpful in determining our key features

What's next for Matcha

This is just the start of this beautiful idea. Having an environment to bring together 6 beautifully talented people and get them to collaborate, argue and discuss ideas was such a blessing! We had such interesting discussion around a plethora of topics and we all brainstormed the heck out of this idea, freely criticizing it, till it reached a point of viability. This is just the start. We think this idea has great potential, and given a longer timeline, could be developed into something phenomenal and potentially have a far-reaching impact we could not have predicted.

Built With

I designed the wireframes with my UI/UX design partner using Figma and sketching on sticky notes, but the demo was created using the applications below by three back-end developers.

  • axios
  • express.js
  • interac
  • netlify
  • postcss
  • react
  • tailwind.css

For more information, check it out on devpost!
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