Soup Surreal

A modern and cosy redesign to Soup Surreal's website



My Role: UI/UX Lead

Time Frame
9 Weeks

Our Soup Surreal redesign originated from our GBDA228 class, an HTML/CSS class taught by Greg Smith. The students of the class were split up into groups of 4 and given the objective to enhance a website that we believe can augment.

The assignment was split into three phases
  • Phase 1: A team proposal for the website redesign.
  • Phase 2: Each team member needs to create a high fidelity design idea along with their design rationale to showcase to our team for the last phase.
  • Phase 3: Finishing product includes a responsive website, a final report and the design process from wireframes to a high-fidelity product.


In support of our love for Soup Surreal, we decided to enhance their website for our project. Soup Surreal is a highly raved about local restaurant in Stratford, Ontario. The food and the service would definitely be a 5/5 on yelp. They offer a plethora of soups to satisfy all dietary restrictions and are eco-friendly - many ingredients are coming from sustainable options.

UX Methods

Website Redesign Proposal Qualitative Research
  • Empathy Mapping
  • Site Mapping
  • Ideate
  • Contextual Observation
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Prototyping Feedback & Testing


Our key objectives were to feed in valuable high-quality content, simplify the information and design architecture and maintain a 'homely' feel of the restaurant while incorporating modern aspects to it.

Features include

  • Replacing low-quality images
  • Changing typography from serif typeface to sans-serif
  • Simplifying the home and supplier page by limiting the amount of text
  • Curating a UX that easily directs users to the most important pages

Mobile Mockup

Desktop Mockup

Demo the website here!

Challenges We Ran Into

Our team worked very well together, the only challenge we really ran into was not having enough time to incorporate everything we wanted into this website. We had minimal difficulties with availabilities considering we had to go in store to take high-quality footage of their menu. Soup Surreal also closes quite early we had to find time in between classes to go to the restaurant.

What We Learned

  • Selling soup is a very labour intensive job
  • The owners of the store are a married couple
  • They have AMAZING cookies
  • Truly amazing owners

What's Next for Soup Surreal's Redesign

Soup Surreal is only a concept redesign that we created for our project, there were numerous other groups that also decided to redesign the Soup Surreal website and I have no doubt that Soup Surreal gets a lot of students redesigning their website every term, therefore, there will most likely be no moving forward past the website redesign. We sent along our website redesign and report to the owners and will maybe hear back from them if they're interested in our design! We will definitely be back for more soup and cookies!

Built With

  • Figma
  • White board and markers
  • Alot of notepads and pens
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